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Sec 25, Rewari, Haryana


Amangani - Overview

Amangani is a beautiful and a cozy home amidst the lush green surroundings where you will have a sense of peace and harmony and where every day will be a celebration of life. We not only are a group that offers houses made of bricks, confcrete and latest technology and facilities, we offer much more than that. Here we sftrive to give you a serene atmosphere, which will make you more aware of the human values, where you will live and feel truly happy and blessed. It's a place where your mornings will start with taking soft walks with nature on the stone paths and seeing the sun rise as the birds wish you sitting on the flowering trees and emerald evergreens.

Far away from the humdrum, nestled in the luxuriant green environs lies an abode of peace and tranquility, Amangani. A heavenly experience where you shall discover yourself everyday. Where life shall truly find its meaning. Mountains high, sparkling brooks, valleys deep. Truly, a work of art sculpted by a divine hand. Here ia where imagination takes its wings, where seasons remain ever changing, never changing.

At Amangani, we dont just offer you homes made of bricks and mortar. We present to you life that personifies grandeur and class. We welcome you to a place that shall reaffirm your faith in the beautiful sights of life. Where you shall learn the true beauty of human values and shall be at peace with yourself at every moment. An unrivaled feeling of pure bliss and paradise.

Amangani is a utopian world where you shall wake up to the sweet chirping of those effervescent birds and take a relaxing stroll down the hand crafted stone paths overlooking nature every morning.

At Amangani, life shall truly find its meaning. And it begins with the practise of Vastu at every step. Like giving you the age old experience of our culture and tradition everyday, with yoga. A skilled PHD Yoga practitioner shall teach you the same at our beautiful meditation hall, Tranquillity.

Implementation of vaastu is done at Amangani so that you and your family have a sense of calmness around you. We give you a P.H.D Yoga teacher who will give two classes of meditation & yoga ,morning and evening till 5 years in our meditation and yoga hall named "Tranquility".

In Amangani, YAJYA will take place every morning and evening in our YAJYA SHALA and prayers in the Amangani temple. We provide you a well-equipped gym, a beautiful swimming pool, and a play school for your little one and lots more. Overall we seek to provide an environment, which makes one realize of his/her duties towards their parents, children, family and their nation. Amangani is not just another home to live in; it is a place that makes you realize who am I? What am I doing? What should I do? And by knowing answers to all these questions you'll be able to make your life even more fruitful and wonderful.

But Amangani, is a flawless blend of the old and the young. Where you shall find a temple, yet a world class gymnasium. A meditation center and also a swimming pool and a play school for the little toddlers to learn the first lessons of life.

Come to Amangani and experience life like you have never known it to be. A place where you shall know how life truly transpires and inspires every moment.

Come experience Amangani.

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